Arise of the Reanimated

by Brainlust

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released June 4, 2010

Brainlust is:
Damien Gergő Cuba - Drums
Attila Schütt - Guitars
Máté Bolgár - Guitars
Kristóf Szecsődy - Bass
Nándi Szabó - Vocals

Music by Attila Schütt (Tracks 01, 02, 03, 05), Kristóf Szecsődy (Tracks 02, 04, 06), Máté Bolgár (Track 01) and Damien Gergő Cuba (Track 04)
All solos by Máté Bolgár
All drums by Damien Gergő Cuba

Gang vocals:
Márton 'Madness' Pap of Sky Above Heroes, Krisztián 'BK' Buzás of Orient Fall, Péter Kéményes of Sculpsit, Zsolt 'Zsolesz' Szabó of The Sharon Tate, Damien Gergő Cuba, Kristóf Szecsődy



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Brainlust Budapest, Hungary

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Track Name: Amputation Kit (Tools of a Madman)
creep into the dead of night lurking in the shadows i'm looking for the prey the beauty herself female bodies found tortured organs removed or left to rot a precise work of mutilation i don't intend to stop i’m coming up close forcing my knife into your neck an urge to kill the innocent a sick motive to dismember bitch i am your worst nightmare smearing her blood on the ground dragging the body the darkest alleys welcome the terror i reveal my kit shining steel scalpel rushes through your skin slicing your flesh spreading out your guts i have to see your beautiful agony portable amputation kit temptations i cannot resist i open her up her organs shining red finishing the disembowelment i remove the head cutting off your ear for a precious souvenir ho bitch you deserved to die you motherfucking whore you’ll be left behind covered in your gore your barely decomposing corpse a body grievously mutilated marks the recent presence of a psychopathic scientist being the god of torment i shall never rest
Track Name: This Place Is Death
how did everything come down to this did we rot away so slowly without notice did it hit us overnight crashing down our sleep to make us wake up for this nightmare carriers of the plague now united in despair forming a hideous mass of stench and disgust to devour all what’s left for this land is now in ruins sparsely wandered by those alive its waters flowing with toxin winds breezing cryptic fumes dried and wearied soil a cesspool for the seeds of life trodden on by scavengers enshrouded in filth beyond these dying plains stand our cities painted black housing all the blooming rot provided by living and dead temples of greed and lust decadence all over them with nights never so violent constantly aching for an end under the surface the horrors are real only a handful have seen them emerge lurking in the dark they are consuming all the scum for what had slipped down to them now carries their taint marked by it the affected spread away the plague spread the plague spread the fucking plague this has to be the end a society decomposing from both ends if we’re not already there our doom must be drawing near so we give in to the night and do our best to forget how filthy we must look
Track Name: Just Die
you are nothing compared to shit your presence makes me sick get the fuck out you constantly keep forgetting to shut the fuck up your redundant bullshit bores the fuck out of me i told you to keep your fucking distance if you come near me face the consequences sail off on your fucking failboat or just die i will happily erase the mess of your existence throat gulping for one last sound neck slit wide open your spinal chord sticking out from your flesh looking good this ends your miserable life i keep stabbing your remains redemption is just one trigger click away point blank headshot blows out your empty brain i spit into the remains of your distorted head laughing out loud i leave you dead you ignorant fool i tase your ass into the pit you find yourself amongst a starving zombie walrus horde fangs impaling your body bone punctures through the flesh look back to see i throw an open crate of armed bear traps duct taped tight hooked in the back all is set up to start the show force a plastic wrapped time bomb down your throat watching you choke till you swallow it whole i exit without concerns in my observation room i watch you on the screens i regret to inform you that you have failed to impress me you just can’t stop your floppy mouth can you you should have seen this coming my axe into fucking your face numerous gibs covering the walls a gory ending scene as you’re dissolving in the acid tank in my backyard you’re not the first one to go down in the sink you’re not the first to go down
Track Name: Spirits of the Book
within the woods something dark dwells a presence buried deep yet filling up the air crawling up amongst the twisted trees this swarm of evil infects everything an unknowing invocation to provoke their awakening a demonic incantation to let them on rampage again long banished from this world their hunger knows no mercy playing sick games in this cruel playground of torture no hiding no escape it never stops join us their howl it’s maddening sanity collapsing summoned by verses of a book bound in human skin they consume the soul and possess the flesh over the tainted sight of what was your friend you are screaming for god’s sake what happened to her eyes so grab the chainsaw to put an end to this throw them down the pit slay what has been corrupted thus cannot be saved if only we could ever live another dawn
Track Name: Never Tomorrow
i never thought i’d be longing for sedation from this alienating mass we live in the miasma we breathe daily the casual pandemonium we’re lost in presented by a welcoming warmth leaving my misanthropic tendencies behind i’m introduced to a shelter i never knew about i suddenly feel alive again through the battles survived and with the isolation so placidly embraced i hid in my own wasteland until the day has come to split my eyes open i was shown the way but leaving your comfort the monday morning nightmares were never so hurtful i find myself desperately waiting for this mask of the dead to be lifted one more time i cannot stand being wasted away any more it’s the need to feel the burning of my lungs again from air never so fresh exploring this strange sensation called life we crave for the solace to have it end this day for everything to fall into place and to let us say we don’t want another tomorrow so have me under the shell to survive their swarm and show me the way to ignore the pain of this anxious yearning guide me through this madness grab me hold me and scream into my ears that i’m not alone and make me want tomorrow to never come