Pit of Horrors

by Brainlust

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released June 24, 2011

Music by Attila Schütt (Track 01) and Máté Bolgár (Track 02)
All solos by Máté Bolgár
All drums by Damien Gergő Cuba

Background vocals by Kristóf Szecsődy and Damien Gergő Cuba



all rights reserved


Brainlust Budapest, Hungary

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Track Name: Pit of Horrors
The doctor is in

Buried alive into a nameless grave
The silence is utterly suffocating
Pitch black darkness weakens your resistance
Dismay seals the hopelessness

Paralyzed by narcotics
Strapped to an operation table
Encased in a crowd of undead
In the catacombs hidden beneath the ground

Once a master surgeon
Condemned for forbidden brain surgery
It is told he was then sentenced to be hung from a tree
His body then vanished
Now he is back from the dead
To continue his practice of torture

Enjoy your stay in the pit of horrors

Mechanical arm contraptions
Sustaining his operating arms
A semi-mechanized master of terror

Walking dead surround there is no escape
Those few who have tried joined them instead

Mutated zombie slaves
Assisting your torment
Victims of doctor satan
Giving him a helping hand

Encased in a crowd of undead
In the catacombs hidden beneath the ground

Pulverized partly after skinned alive
Helplessly lying under his surgical knife
His minions are waiting for your eventual death
Fear not the doctor will make you rise from the dead
Track Name: Endtime Diaries
From all the depths they gather
Eradication is imminent

Colliding in the realm of Man
The texture of this world trembles as they pass the gates
They've come to take it all
One rips away the flesh one devours it whole

Hereby marked with a seal of perdition
We are bound to path of extinction

In bony fingers' grasp, souls are absorbed
From naked scalps brains are disgustingly consumed
Demons unleash fire, the undead creep to bring upon
Unspeakable methods of devastation

Trenches of fire slash up the soil

Collapsed dimensions spawning the
Abominations for this ultimate night
Swarming the lands in a gigantic feast
The endtimes have come, nothing remains

Chainbound slaves of sadistic lords kept for torture
Beyond the mountains ablaze, a sickening silhouette
The great old ones emerge

Roaming freely are the spirits of the book
Decayed hands emerging from a pit filled with gore
Horrendous creatures from the place called death
Fulfilling the arise of the reanimated