Three Feet Under

by Brainlust

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Dominic Raker Bennett
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Dominic Raker Bennett Great band. Brutal vocals. 7/10 Favorite track: Decayed Hands Beckoning.
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samlovemetal The tracks that get put out by this band are clearly the result of many, many of hours of jamming and brainstorming. Every song is unique and catchy without committing the sin of not being heavy as fuck. Favorite track: Decayed Hands Beckoning.
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released February 4, 2009



all rights reserved


Brainlust Budapest, Hungary

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Track Name: Thriamb of the Rotten
the moon calls our name, binds us to this path
suit up and prepare, let us set off

we avidly bite into the nightly air
an anxious desire is burning inside
take away now the daylight dullness
to kickstart this nocturnal craze

here's to the feeding of the monster deep down
crawling its way up to the surface
glasses clinking, rise them high
to celebrate this tonic sin

another shot of the green glowing booze
another sip of the reddish vitals
of one anothers we take
the skeletal figures of our minions
form a welcoming surrounding
as we reclaim our throne

our heads are stunned by the vapors of the flesh
tonight we share this crimson tinted daze

so take my right and rise with me to see
this eternal realm we'll hold onto tight
everyone of them can hear our oath now
these crowns we will wear till the end of the times
Track Name: Decayed Hands Beckoning
coaxed by those maddening shrieks from below,
the urge to get going overwhelms me
the light of the day passing away
indicates the grand opening
i'm invited and i'll attend alright,
no objections to make
for i cannot take more of your ways,
i'll share their taint instead
with my lungs filled with only the rage,
from your lies i will no longer suffocate

i stand astonished as they rise from their crypts
their twisted rejoice as they walk again
gathering in the dim candlelight i start to understand
to fulfill my desires i have to join them

so into the chamber, the buzz is instant,
the presence dulls the senses
the stench of decayed tissue - sweet smell of death
i'm gratefully taking the withered hand
that's drawing me deeper in
they're making me do what i gladly accept,
to embrace their rotten flesh

a frenzying apex is drawing near
we bathe in all that you bled
to forget what i've become amongst you
i shall spend this night with the dead

undead voices pearcing through sanity
purifying awakening

i always searched for a moment like this,
my dark delight finally came
the absence of human presence
i finally feel home

as they slowly creep onto me i let myself go

flesh starts to rip - they begun their feast,
devouring my living body
blood gushes from my chest
covering my zombie saviours
in this painful dance i am one of them

so sweet is the dissolution of remains of mortal past
tonight we're welcomed by oblivion's open arms